Information Security

Information Security

Security breachers can be troublesome for a business we are here to make sure, It doesn’t happen.

As the threats to data security is growing exponentially, you must consider information security services that are aligned with your business objectives for safe operational success. Sevael’s specialized team help enterprises to anticipate cybercrimes, respond quickly to any attacks and recover from any security breach incident and also enhance the overall data security of the organizations.

What Can we do for you?

Ethical Hacking Services

We use our deep technical expertise in system administration, programing and networking to identify any vulnerabilities in the networking systems.

Penatration Testing

We use access control testing techniques to discover crucial issues that may be a threat to your organization and help in reducing the risks

Network Security

Our services help you to protect the integrity and usability of your network and data. We identify a wide range of threats and restrict them from entering or spreading on your system.

Vulnerability Assessments

Most business organizations have an element of risk that might range from financial issues to product production. We help to assess and identify the security vulnerabilities in the organization’s environment.

Technology Stack